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All interested collegiate and professional athletes that are not Draft Eligible in any given year, must reach out to us first before any ethical communication can be established.


Remember, when perfecting your craft, you're competing against yourself first. Everything you've done in the weight room, during spring and summer training, must show on film! Take advantage of your present opportunity, don't count on seventh chances. 


At CFS we are interested in Next Level Athletes. Perform as if you're under surveillance 24/11. Never waist a rep while demonstrating a selfless attitude on and off the gridiron.


A "new Agent" without a Client is likened to a loch of seed, seasoned Agents with Clients are the reapers. Athletes are essentially "the crop", that help make Agents who they are and what they strive to become. CFS is equivalent to a small-farm, where the laborers are few but the harvest is plentiful! We are positioned to provide Clients with unrivaled attention and results.

Please submit your information for review to:


+1 (407) 883-8216

Sunday to Saturday 2pm - 7pm

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