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Central Florida Scouting, LLC is a Premier Sports Agency specializing in scouting, to procure Collegiate & Professional Athletes for the Next Level. We engage in sports marketing, brand management and professional (athlete | talent) representation. We strive to provide a variety of opportunities that contribute to and promote our Seven Dimensions of Success; spiritual, physical, emotional, occupational, intellectual, environmental and social. We are dedicated to innovating the ideal Sports Agency to become more than Certified Contract Advisors — we are Partners for Life. Our goal is to acquire athletes that attribute world class qualities and character traits. We aim to continuously create and provide a competitive, safe, and enjoyable atmosphere at CFS. One that encourages civility, teamwork, and leadership development. As well as, a lifelong pattern of positive Business Relations. 


Seven Dimensions of Success 

Spiritual | The sense that life is meaningful and “everyone” has a purpose; the ethics, values and morals that guide us and give meaning and direction to life through Jesus Christ. “Some say there’s no room for Faith in sports. Many pray for protection, before, during and after competition. All know we need Him in life and on the gridiron.” — The Director


Physical | A healthy body maintained by good nutrition, regular exercise, avoiding harmful habits, making informed and responsible decisions about health. “We must take care of our bodies like a temple. We want nothing but the best internally and externally.” — The Director


Emotional | The ability to understand your own feelings, accept and exceed your limitations, achieve emotional stability, and become comfortable with your emotions. “Comfortable, put your heart and mind at ease, while controlling what you can control.” — The Director

Occupational | Preparing and making use of your gifts, skills and talents in order to gain purpose, happiness and enrichment in your life. “Have joy perfecting your craft, be courageous in competition and win everyday in preparation.” — The Director


Intellectual | A state in which your mind is engaged in lively interaction with the world (people) around you. “Be of sober (sensible & solemn) mind and heart.” — The Director

Environmental | The capability to live in a clean and safe environment that is not detrimental to health, self and others. “Separate yourself from all distractions, be a contribution to society.” — The Director

Social | The ability to relate well to others, both within and outside the family unit. “Be understanding, with respect to your own Beliefs, thoughts, feelings and actions.” — The Director

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