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Central Florida Scouting


At CFS, it always start and develop with the athlete at the forefront. Nothing can be done or established without athletes in the sports industry. We aspire to help guide athletes on and off the field using successful business strategies. With capable athletes we can negotiate contracts, source and secure endorsement deals. We help provide the best players with the best representation. In addition to draft preparation and contract negotiation, we seek to provide elite athletes with top-of-the-line marketing services. Our commitment to client service is reflected in everything we do.


We are in the best position to help our clients and their families accomplish their goals, from draft day to post-career planning. We seek to work with players — from young talent to established veterans — to support all of your career ambitions with opportunities that extend far beyond the sport.

With our partners at DNA Sports Management we help convey unparalleled expertise and experience to the contract negotiation process. As we build, trusted relationships across the sports industry, we understand exactly how much value our potential clients bring to their teams—and we know how to help gain great results at the negotiating table.

With our ability to leverage information in the marketplace, coupled with our athletes we can establish relationships with team scouts and executives, this sets us apart and ensures that every client is in the ideal position at the bargaining table.

We aspire to help clients thrive in every area of their lives. With the propensity to cultivate dedicated sports endorsements partners, we have the ability to help create fruitful opportunities for clients, matching them with global brands across athletic apparel, beverages, technology and more.

DNA Sports Management Partners

NFLPA & CFLPA Certified Contract Advisor | David H. Walkowiak

CFLPA Certified Contract Advisor | André Kirwan

(e.g. Florida Licensed Athlete Agents) 

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